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Main Slogan: “It’s The Mentality Stupid”

A SHORT-term mentality does NOT build bridges.

A SHORT-term mentality does NOT create jobs.

A SHORT-term mentality does NOT create prosperity.

A SHORT-term mentality creates NOTHING, but uncertainty, fear, angst, and hate.


Main Principle: “It’s NOT how much you make, BUT rather how LONG it took you to make it!”


Revised Capital Gains Tax:

1. Capital gains 10> years*_________5%

2. Capital gains 5 to 10 years*__________10%

3. Capital gains 2 to 5 years* **_________15%

4. Capital gains 1 to 2 years*___________35%

5. Capital gains 6 to 12 months_________45%

6. Capital gains under <6 months__55%

7.  Institute a capital gains tax of________65% on ALL short sales not directly tied to a long buy by a regulated hedge fund.

*Quasi Buffett Rule > Anyone whose main source of ‘income’ (retired persons excluded) that comes directly from capital gains, should be taxed at never less than the 1>2 year 35% rate—no matter what the cg term length.

** Dividends are taxed at this level—15%.



Main Saying: Don’t blame the Fed… it’s not their fault we allowed a few SHORT-term traders/traitors to use QE $’s to CREATE ‘put spreads’ INSTEAD of CREATING JOBS!


The 7 Golden RulesUpdated 03/29/2016

1. Immediately, reinstate the Up-Tick Rule.

2. Crack down on naked short selling. Require stock certificate #'s when a short sale needs to be covered, including ETF’s.

                a. Stop the shorting of ALL ETF’s. This is just legalized naked shorting—makes no sense.

3. Institute some rules on how the media ’reports’ news in order to prevent rumor-boarding. Not censorship… just sensibility & responsibility.

4. Have ALL ETF’s trade on a 20-minute delayed basis. Get these instruments of mass destruction back to what they were supposed to do: mimic mutual funds. NO pre or aftermarket trading.

                a. Allow companies to OPT OUT of any ETF.  There is no reason why the issues of 1 company in an ETF should destroy all the other companies in that ETF!

5. End the insanity of high frequency trading #HFT. PULL THE PLUG NOW ON HFT! Note: Market maker algo’s are not the issue. The ABUSIVE algo’s written and run by hedge funds need to end—PERIOD!

                a. ALLOW company BUYBACKS during entire trading day. IF we’re going to allow abusive #HFT algo’s to run at open & close then at least allow companies to FIGHT BACK!

                b. ALL #HFT should be suspended 20 minutes after open and before close.

6. Do something – ANYTHING to reign in the insanity and out of control gambling of the options markets. (Note: My StIN 55% Cap Gains tax UNDER 6 months would solve this!)

7. STOCK BUYBACKS: NO “blackout periods” for companies to buy back stock during earnings season or any other time. IF ANALysts can downgrade before earnings and shorts can abuse #HFT algo’s, then companies should be allowed to fight back!


Lehman’s Principle: The confidence destruction of an entire entity based on SHORT-term re-evaluation of LONG-term holdings due to unrestricted RUMORmongering and GANG-shorting! Basically, taking a 30-YEAR something and basing it on a 30-SECOND whatever! End Mark-To-Market M2M!







Truly the MOST disgraceful BUT truthful quote of not only 2012 but the last 10 years!

“What’s more important if you’re a hedge fund manager… making your quarter or impoverishing Europe?” 06/25/2012


The Most DISGRACEFUL quote of 2012, so far!

  “Carly, stop thinking about the Nation and how good it would be for SqauwkBox!” 03/22/12

The BEST quote of 2011

 “As long as people keep putting the excess money into gold, it is not going to do any good for the economy!” 04/27/11


The Most DISGRACEFUL quote of 2011

 PANIC… that’s what we try to bring every day here!” 09/30/11


The 2nd Most DISGRACEFUL quote of 2011

 "There should be a Fast Money Nobel Prize!" 10/10/11


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apppro’s take for 04/15/2016 08:00 am EST

The Interview that EVERYONE needs to watch!

Too big to fail not our biggest issue: Fed's Kaplan


                I again want to remind everyone what I’ve said since 2010:

apppro’s take for 09/29/2010 @ 06:00 pm EST

“Clueless in Seattle”

                We just don’t’ seem to get it! The “Nation of Bash & Blame” keeps putting out crapolla just so they can extort monies out of our banking system. Once and for all, OUR banks did not cause this mess. The failed institutions were NOT banks. Our BIG banks saved our collective butts and were NOT the cause of the crisis.

Ambac Insurance was NOT a bank!

MBIA was NOT a bank!

Analy Capital was NOT a bank!

Bear Stearns was NOT a bank!

WAMU was NOT a big bank and a BIG bank bought them out!

Lehman’s, the granddaddy of them all was NOT a bank!

AIG was NOT a bank!

Merrill Lynch was and is NOT a bank!

And even GM was NOT a bank!

FinReg is and will continue to be a total disaster based on hatred and payback!


                And please don’t forget what Barney Frank said many times:


apppro’s take for 01/17/2016 11:00 am EST

Listen to Cooperman

Issues are because of “market structures” (3/4 way thru video)!


Basically he’s calling for the 7 Golden Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: If you can’t read above, the 7 Golden Rules are listed on the left side of page.


apppro’s take for 09/03/2015 07:00 am EST

Yeah Dan “Don't panic on volatility” just STOP THE VOLATILITY!

                Sorry Dan—can’t agree with you on this one. The insanity over the past 2 weeks is NOT good for anyone, except a few SHORT-term pajama traders that is! And yeah Dan, maybe we should throw some media hysterics and short sellers in jail like China. But, you sure did vindicate me on the insanity of the Volcker Rule (Towards end of interview.)

Don't panic on volatility: SEC's Gallagher

                Maybe if we implemented MY Golden Rules we wouldn’t have any of those 1000 point opening bell or 500 point closing bell insanities!

Note: 7 Golden Rules are listed to the left if you cant read the picture.


apppro’s take for 08/27/2015 07:00 am EST

REPEAL VOLCKER – Now experts chime in too!

                Look, I said it last week again; see my post below from 08/22/2015! The Volcker Rule is causing this volatility and selling from commodities to oil to now stocks!  Maybe NOW with some so experts saying the exact same thing - people will listen!

Big banks... where's the money coming from? Dick Bove

Time to get rate hike off the table: Dick Kovacevich (Note: Dick said it at the end of interview but CNBC cut it off! Maybe they will put complete up later.)


apppro’s take for 08/22/2015 11:00 am EST

Screw China, oil, Greece, currencies, & even the Fed – this is ALL due to The Volcker Rule!

                We can blame whomever or whatever we want, BUT there is NO coincidence that the majority of the volatility and angst that culminated in Friday’s major sell off was ALL due to the Volcker Rule.

                On July 22, 2015 that disgrace and hatred that was born in a woman’s difficult childhood, finally manifested itself in The Rule.

The Volcker Rule takes effect today after years of delays  July 22, 2015, 8:22 AM EDT

                Banks could no longer trade in almost anything. Basically all their liquidity and funds that are tied up in moronic SIFI regulations now officially could not be used to support markets from stocks to oil to currencies to everything. No longer could we (and that includes the Chinese markets that are collapsing) depend on sanity from big banks to try to stabilize anything. ALL we have been left with is the greed and insanity of psychotic hedge funds that could care less about anything but their nano second greed! Some have argued to no avail that the Rule would and did hurt the bond market Did the Volcker rule really harm the bond market?, BUT in reality yesterday’s 550 point crash was a direct result from the Rule and its’ lack of a stable source of liquidity and stable trading.

                I could go on and on about this BUT what’s the sense. Morons in the media want to look for some mystic macro reason. Ratings are a strong incentive for stupidity and hedge fund ass kissing!


apppro’s take for 01/21/2015 09:00 am EST

Larry Fink ENDORSES MY StIN Tax Plan!!

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