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apppro’s take for 04/08/2014 09:30 am EST

Time for this OLD fart to retire!

                Hey you old ass, get some Depends and leave the rest of us alone. You caused a lot of #HFT damage.

'Scared' Dennis Gartman: Get out of stocks

Michael Newberg@MikeNewberg

14 Hours Ago

ay, 7 Apr 2014 | 5:31 PM ET

In a reversal of his more bullish take on U.S. equities in recent weeks, Dennis Gartman said Monday that he's getting out of equities and sticking with cash and gold to ride out the recent pullback, which he called a "long-awaited and much-needed correction."

On CNBC's "Fast Money" on Monday, the editor of the Gartman Letter said simply, "I got scared."

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                Point missed here by most is that Gartman got the trots on Friday at around  11:00am by his own admission. He screamed fire/sell and then went to his own account to short the S&P. Now Monday morning he probably sent out his letter to his select groupies, BUT waits for Monday at 5:00PM to scream it to everyone else. Come on—front running his NEW short positions while most still think he’s LONG!? Maybe not illegal, but certainly morally bankrupt!


apppro’s take for 03/30/2014 04:30 pm EST

What the hell are we doing?

Options Action: Trade that spooked the market 
Wednesday, 26 March 2014 5:36 PM ET 

Trade that spooked the market.

                What the hell are we doing people? This was SO BAD that while it was actually happening and everyone on TV had their eyes glazed over and their mouths wide open in amazement, I made seceral Tweets commulating with: “Now I'm scared. @jimcramer actually totally agreed with ME when I said Obama's UNWARRANTED war talk caused 1:00 crash”but it wasn’t the Prez, it was that disgraceful options “bet”!!! Combine that insanity with the short-term gambling of the ensuing HFT algo’s that kicked in out of sheer HFT ignorance, well what we got was a 100+ point “FLASH Swing”! The market did try to recover, BUT the damage to INVESTORS psyche had been done and the day ended with an additional sell-off!

                All of this must come to an end or we all will!


SEC official: What's hurting the 'little guy' - #HFT

Jeff Morganteen@jmorganteen

2 Hours Ago

Friday, 28 Mar 2014 | 8:50 AM ET

“Dan Gallagher, SEC commissioner, shares his thoughts on shareholder activism and regulatory reforms. Also Gallegher weighs in on high frequency trading and why the perception that it's not fair to "the little guy" is a "reality" that needs to be addressed.

SEC Commissioner Dan Gallagher said Friday he believes the perception that high-frequency trading hurts the "little guy" has become reality.”


apppro’s take for 03/15/2014 08:30 am EST

The Year of the ‘Whistle-blowhard’ & continuing FinReg HORROR!

                Have you seen the new Ponzi lawsuit against JPMorgan?

JPMorgan accused of aiding yet another Ponzi scheme


                Firstly, this was another WAMU legacy scheme that went into receivership in 2008 by the infamous FDIC. So, we immediately have to ask:

· Why the hell didn’t the FDIC see this fraud when they went thru WAMU’s books?

· We also need to ask why NO one at WAMU ever reported the scheme?

· This was a Canadian customer, so why didn’t any Canadian authorities or the SEC or bank regulators or or or… see this scheme?

· Let’s also remember that JPM was nicely (forcefully) asked to buy WAMU to help prevent a catastrophe in 2008. There was NO time to vent the books or see what was “under the hood”; JPM was just trying to help this ungrateful Nation!

                Also, try to remember what was happening at this time. Bear Stearns had already failed. >  Lehman’s was failing. > Everyone was calling for the World to end. > Basically we were ALL in chaos mode. JPM took over WAMU in late 2008 right in the middle of all this insanity. Any reasonable person MUST assume JPM was more concerned about saving WAMU’s depositors and getting this integrated. Who knew that Shelia Bair’s horror of an FDIC had sold them a Ponzi scheme!!!!

                So what happened, a few months later in 2009 someone at JPM “says” he saw the fraud but really did NOTHING about it! Didn’t report it, didn’t issue a SAR, and basically just helped the Ponzi scheme along. Then obviously someone else called him on it or it became so obvious that JPM shut the account down.

                NOW this same conniving jerk took a few classes in “Whistleblower 201” (see prior post) and now wants his 25% in extortion money.

                This is an outrage and another flaw of Obama’s (Warren’s) continuing bank hate thru the horror of FinReg!

These people want to sue someone? Then go sue Shelia Bair and her ex-horror of an FDIC!

What is wrong with all of us? Description: Description: Description: Description: Thumbnail

REPEAL FinReg & The Whistleblower Law now—the true job & growth killers!

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