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Disgraceful right? BUT still we are NOT asking the right

Question: Exactly how many JOBS were created by the unwarranted short selling and subsequent destruction of these companies by these egomaniacs ?

Answer: Well, I’m not sure what the outcome will be with Herbalife since that is happening right now, BUT the subsequent JOB LOSSES that occurred after the shorting destruction of MBIA and related financial companies in 2008-2009 was WELL OVER 1+ MILLION!

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apppro’s take for 01/01/2013 08:00 am EST

Yeah… Right!

                From what I’ve seen so far in that last minute settlement in D.C. on the Fiscal Cliff… we ALL got screwed over again and the Buffett’s and hedgies of the world get away with murder… AGAIN! I am so glade they all rose above and did what the ignorant masses thought they wanted.

                Talk about having your head

 up your…

                And a Happy New Year to you, too! Whoopie!


apppro’s take for 12/19/2012 3:00 pm EST

The MUST watch video of ALL time!

CEO Accuses Ackman of Manipulating Stock Wednesday, 19 Dec 2012 | 3:00 PM ET

Herbalife CEO: This is a Legitimate Company

In strong terms, Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson denies Bill Ackman's accusation that the company is a 'pyramid scheme' and make a counter accusation that Ackman is improperly trying to manipulate Herbalife's stock.

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                I just have to wonder what might have been if only the Ambac CEO had done this back in October 2007.


apppro’s take for 12/01/2012 12:00 pm EST

Cruising that wonderful river!

                Yes people, we are again taking a cruise down that wonderful and truly amazing – Denial River! I guess it’s just easier that way. Why see how we (YOU) were again bamboozled by a professional politician into believing that OUR nation’s prosperity for all was his only and main concern. For those that believed that, I have a bridge to sell you that you can put over the aforementioned river.

                The answer to the Fiscal Cliff is simple and easy, but what has come to light is that our Prez seems to just want to extract another pound of flesh from easy targets like he did with ‘robo-schmobo’. The “Nation of Bash & Blame” lives on in Washington! Instead of seeking a reasonable compromise the Prez just came up with a ridiculous proposal of HUGE tax increases in conjunction with NEW spending proposals. Insanity! And this is where the bamboozling comes into play. There is just no way in hell that any of Mitt’s 47% or any of the 6% that wanted ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE’ ever voted for raising taxes even on the ultra-rich just so it could be pissed away on the “Entitled Ones”! All that money would be wasted on a % of the population that adds nothing back to this nation’s well-being. Denial of this is the true shame!

                And before you all get your underwear into a bunch, the supposed LoserParty has NOT offered anything else either that meets reasonable compromise towards a sensible & complete solution. Just rehashing the same old tired Medicare arguments in order to protect the ridiculous rich is NOT a solution, just denial that you screwed up the election.

                OK, this is all supposed to be political jockeying, but to this I say to all those professional DC whatever’s: “Get off your high-horse or in this case high-jackass, and do what is right for this nation as a WHOLE!”


(Have to go shopping, so I AGAIN will list MY solutions later.)


apppro’s take for 11/01/2012 07:00 am EST

Should machines be allowed to trade with machines?

                Since early Monday morning, all I’ve heard is “How could we have closed the NYSE and the stock market in general?” Really? The right question should have been, “What was the urgency and need to have the stock market open?”

                For many, Sandy was a total and utter catastrophe. For the Jersey Shore the damage was especially horrible. I am sure everyone’s prays and hopes go out to all those affected.

                However, for most of the rest of us, this will be a blip on the way to… ????One thing is for sure, having the stock market closed for 2 days was NOT AT ALL AN ISSUE! Actually, I found the closure quite relaxing. No insanity and HFT crazies – WOW was that nice! There would have been few if any humans involved with the trading. What was the urgency to have unsupervised HFT algo’s trading with other unsupervised HFT algo’s? None... it would have made NO sense at all. And I am not alone in this! If you are going to read or listen to any news report or interview… this one with the head of the Vanguard Funds is an absolute MUST.

Stocks Edge Higher After Two-Day Shutdown
Wednesday, 31 October 2012 10:50 AM ET
John Bogle, Senior Chairman & Founder of The Vanguard Group, discusses the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the markets


apppro’s take for 10/27/2012 09:00 am EST

Lessons NOT learned this week.


1. It became obvious this week that while most companies met or beat earnings estimates, many companies did not meet revenues. What also became obvious was that MOST, if not all of these revenue misses were due to currency issues. What was NOT learned, and for most not even realized, was that these currency or Forex issues were due to huge fluctuations in currency markets due to HFT traders/traitors.

2. It became obvious this week that some high flying companies were not all that perfect. What was NOT learned was that some of these companies still are being hyped by the media causing unreasonable price swings.

3. It became obvious this week that we are facing a ‘fiscal cliff’ at the end of this year. What was NOT learned was – where the hell has everyone been?

4. It became obvious this week that those horrid people in Washington are clueless to the needs of this Nation as a whole. What was NOT learned was that this is nothing new.

5. It became obvious this week that HUGE nano-swings were occurring in stock prices and that #HFT algo’s were causing MASSIVE damage in the technical averages and investor confidence. What was NOT learned was that we just sit there and take it. I for one do not like the pain when no sex is involved. Oh yeah… there is sex – we are all getting screwed by SkyNet.

6. It became obvious this week that utterly disgraceful & unwarranted lawsuits against our banking system still are the preferred way of extortion & blackmail by some of our broken political leaders and State officials. What was NOT learned is that these lawsuits only hurt the very people they supposedly are trying to help by extending & exasperating the crisis.


Will add more later, but I have to go shopping for Sandy. “Tell me about it… Stud!”

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Barney Frank repeats himself & then Meredith Whitless confirms. Barney Frank Comes to JPMorgan's Defense Meredith Whitney Talks Banks


Good for you Barney!

                Way to finally man-up in D.C. This is a copy of Dow Jones news story.


DJ Rep. Frank: J.P. Morgan Shouldn't be Prosecuted   Mon Oct 22 17:50:19 2012 EDT

Rep. Barney Frank (D., Mass.), the co-author of the Dodd-Frank Act, on Monday issued a statement saying prosecutors shouldn't go after J.P. Morgan Chase (JPM) over infractions committed by Bear Stearns, which it purchased during the credit crisis.

"Having been Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee at the time that this occurred, I know that J.P. Morgan Chase acted at the strong request of the Federal Reserve and the Secretary of the Treasury during the Bush administration. The federal officials involved believed that the failure of Bear Stearns would have terribly negative consequences for the economy, and they urged J.P. Morgan Chase to do a good deed by taking over an institution which, I believe, the bank would never have sought to acquire absent that urging. The decision now to prosecute J.P. Morgan Chase because of activities undertaken by Bear Stearns before the takeover unfortunately fits the description of allowing no good deed to go unpunished," he said, adding prosecutors should go after individuals instead.

A similar rationale applies to Bank of America (BAC) over its purchase of Merrill Lynch, Mr. Frank said

But he said Bank of America's purchase of Countrywide is different because it wasn't done at the request of the Bush administration.

Rep. Frank, the top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, is retiring at the end of 2012.

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apppro’s take for 10/21/2012 05:00 pm EST

#HFT lunacy claims another victim—EARNINGS!

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